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Beg as loud as you can for good common sense. Proverbs 2:3

Monday, May 23, 2016

You've Got a Point

Have you ever been in the position of wanting to point to someone but you can’t because it would be impolite?

My husband and I go through all kinds of expressions and head jerking before one of us finally understands to look in the indicated direction. And, of course, whoever it was has left the building, never to be seen again. At least not by us. Or the one of us who saw the person.

If David was the one signaling to me – well, I don’t know why David even tries anymore. I’m not very good at reading his jerking head and wild-eyed looks. I usually think he is having some sort of health crisis before he finally says, with great disgust, “Oh, never mind. He’s gone now.”

So, of course I want to know who it was.

Me: Who was it?

David: I don’t know, but we know him from somewhere.

Me: What did he look like?

David: Well, I don’t know. Kind of tall….

Me: What was he wearing and what color was it?

David: (by this time wishing he had never started it) I don’t remember the colors. I just know we have seen him before.

Me: Are you sure that I know him?

David: Yes, I’m sure. His wife was with him the last time we saw them.

Me: Wife? You didn’t tell me he had a wife. This could be crucial information. Was she with him today?

David: I didn’t see her. Oh, never mind. Just forget it.

Me: Forget it? No, I can’t forget it. I have to know. What if I’m out somewhere and his wife comes up to me and starts talking like I know what’s going on. What am I going to say to her? “Sorry, my husband doesn’t know your husband’s name and only has a fairly vague recollection of what he looks like.”

David: Just do what I should have done in the first place. Turn your back and pretend you didn’t see her. And for heaven’s sake, don’t tell me about it later. I could care less what the color of her dress was and…

I can’t take him anywhere because he always picks a fight like this. Do you see what I have to put up with? 46 years. I’m getting too old for this.


  1. Since when did women start expecting detailed descriptions from men???

  2. Hysterical!! Things like this happen to us. My husband will talk to someone forever while I stand there. I say, why didn't you introduce me? He says..I can't remember who that was. Oh well..

  3. Oh dear how I do know. I have been putting up with my husband, supposed to be subtle remarks for 56 years. Neither one of us can remember names anymore.