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Friday, September 5, 2014

Who Knew?

Okay, we’re hooked.  I admit it.  I honestly thought we could do without it, but I was proven wrong this past week when we left one campground two weeks early and went to a campground that had what we wanted – well, I guess I’d have to say it had what we craved.

It’s more than one thing, actually.  But it all falls under one broad umbrella. 
What was wrong with Campground No. 1, you ask?

Answer:  No wifi, no tv, and an unreliable phone signal.  Even our hot spot was struggling to find a signal and hold on to it.

I quickly tired of this situation. We were supposed to be there a month.  I was bored on the 2nd day there.

I occasionally get bored at the house.  When that happens, I always tell myself that it’s my fault.  There are plenty of things to do, so pick one, quit your bellyaching and get busy.

This was different, though. There were things to do, of course, but I felt trapped.  It seemed that every time I thought of something to do, it involved the internet, tv, or phone. 

Let the bellyaching commence!

I could work on my writing because my word processor wasn’t linked to the internet.  And I did write some.  But then I’d come across something I wanted to look up and realize I couldn’t.  Or I’d remember a blog post I had previously done.  Or had I?  I can’t find it in my word processor and I can’t look it up on the internet.  Arrrrgh!  

The TV was silent except for a few movies we got every day or so at Redbox.  About the only time I watch a movie is when we’re camping.  I don’t watch them at home because of the commercials.  They drive me crazy.  Especially the loud ones that shriek at you to buy a car or a couch or give you the privilege of loaning you money.  But that’s another story.

The point is that I don’t watch movies on TV.  But we’re camping and doing things a little differently, so I watch the Redbox movies.  (I recommend Nonstop.) 

Now, this movie thing would have been enough, and it has been enough for the five years we’ve been camping.  Except that David had introduced me to streaming a couple of days before we left the house.  Awesome!  You can watch movies and TV shows on your computer.  I’m hooked on the TV show House. I never paid it much attention when it was on every week.  But I got to watching the reruns, and I was hooked.

Except you need internet to stream.  We had just signed up with Netflix right before we suddenly made the decision to head out the next day and spend some time at a campground we used to love. No internet, no Netflix (with the first month free), no streaming, and no HouseArrrrgh!

Someone called me when I happened to be outside at Campground No. 1, and I had to walk down the road a little ways to get a good signal.  I didn’t like that phone anyway, so this was not helping.

At the end of the second week, Campground No. 1 installed wifi! Yay!

Well, don’t get too excited.  It was free for the first week and then you had to pay for it.  Pay for it!!  We had never heard of a campground charging for wifi.  Of course, it’s hidden away in their fees for the campsites, so you know you’re paying for it.  But paying separately?  No, not for us.  We had just about maxed out our hot spot and would soon have to add $10 to our bill if we kept using it to connect to the internet.  We didn’t want to do that, either.

So our solution?  Pack up, drive around 25 miles to our new favorite campground, which happens to have wifi, tv and a good phone signal. 

Woo hoo!  Now we’re cookin’!  And streamin’! And gettin’ the internet!

And making friends, as you can see below…



  1. YAY for free WiFi! Are your travels bringing you to PA? I could sure use some Carol Laughter!

    1. And I could use some Cyn Laughter! We might make it up there some day. We've talked about it...

  2. Come up to PA! We are at our camper just about every weekend in the summer. Would love to have you join us!

    1. Effie, that sounds great! We'll have to see how David is feeling...

  3. Carol, I love your humor...and your honesty! Someone was saying a week or so ago that they couldn't understand why anyone would like reality shows, especially ones like American Ninja Warrior. Did I dare tell her I loved ANW and couldn't wait to see if my favorite athletes advanced? I did, and she laughed. But it made me realize that I used to think that any TV was a waste of time.

    Well, it may be, but it's something Gary and I enjoy doing together. And now that he's retired, it's more important than ever that we find things we can do together. Love the picture of David's "friend." Now, that's a good reason to camp! Have fun!

    1. Vonda, I'm glad you and Gary have something to do together. It's so important! When we're at home, David and I each sit in our dens texting to each other, physically getting up and going to the other only when texting and even phoning have not helped. By then we're each mad at the other! That doesn't happen when we're camping. Too close quarters. Plus we don't want the other campers to hear us yelling at each other...

  4. I heard Carol say dear, i thought that to be so sweet, so again she said dear, i thought her to be the so loving. then she said behind you "DEER" At that point in time iI just went and made supper. lu davy