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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Feast for Thieves (A Rowdy Slater Novel) by Marcus Brotherton

I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  Rowdy Slater may have been the most incorrigible man in his Army company, but he quickly overcame that in civilian life.  He encountered a bump or two along the way, like robbing a bank in Cut Eye, Texas, getting separated from his partner while holding the bag of money, and nearly drowning in a rain swollen river.  When Rowdy goes back to Cut Eye and surrenders to the sheriff -- well, that’s when things get really interesting.

Rowdy makes a deal that he refuses to break, even though there are many times he desperately wants to.  It turns out that the sheriff in Cut Eye saw enough in Rowdy to offer him a choice between prison or preaching.  Rowdy has no idea how to preach or what to preach, and that’s quite evident from the start.  But a pretty young lady assigned to help him makes quite a difference.  This is a great story told with great heart.

I found this to be akin to O Brother, Where Art Thou as far as the way Rowdy expresses himself and how he goes from one undertaking to the next.

This is a great first novel, and I look forward to more adventures with Rowdy Slater.

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