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Friday, May 2, 2014

It's Girlie Week

(Carol) All I really wanted to do was take my daughter Alice to see Monet’s Water Lilies in Atlanta for her birthday.  We didn’t realize it at the time, but we were starting an annual tradition of a mother-daughter “girlie week.”

(Alice) It has become a retreat for me because I have a high-stress job, two children and a husband to take care of.  I love my home life; but I also need balance and so our girlie week is my balance. It’s fun to plan the trips and sometimes it takes me months to narrow down the possibilities enough to show Mom.

(Carol) Because of Alice’s travel agent talents, we’ve been on 2 cruises to Cozumel, 2 trips to Tunica, MS, and this year we ended up at Lake Guntersville State Park Campground in the condo-camper.  Even though we’re just 20 miles from my house, it’s still far enough away to be a perfect girlie week.

(Alice)  No matter where we go, I always find balance.  We explore and talk and laugh and laugh and laugh.  We find fun places to eat or sample wine.  We even ate at a restaurant that was a 1950’s beauty shop!  Don’t you think that was a hoot?  But my favorite thing is our late-night talks, just like when I was a teenager.

(Carol)  Alice and I have always been close.  When I asked Alice to go to Atlanta that first year, all I really wanted was to be with her and have her undivided attention.  By that time, she was married and hadn’t had my two beautiful grandsons yet.  But with her job and my job and this and that, we had sort of lost track of where our relationship was.  I think I was trying to reconnect, although I wasn’t aware of it at the time.

(Alice) Six years ago, my life had become a go-go-go world.  When my mother asked me to take a weekend trip that first year, I jumped at the chance to spend the time with her because my job and my husband had taken most of my time and my relationship with my mother wasn’t what it had been when I was younger.

(Carol) I know that this is a priceless gift.  During girlie week, when we get lost trying to find the hotel or get the giggles at inappropriate times, it feels like a little glimpse of Heaven.  It feels like God’s love for us.

(Alice)  In my crazy and wonderful world, I have always taken comfort in my mother.  So the girlie week has become my week to reconnect with the solace that I find in her, along with expanding our relationship.  During this time that I’m with my mother on these trips, there’s always a God Moment - that sacred moment when we know that we are His children, too.

(Carol and Alice) It’s not important where we go, it’s that we go together.  Thank God (and we mean that literally) for our girlie week.


  1. WONDERful that you have this precious time together!

  2. Awesome!

    Linda M.

  3. fun, fun, fun till daddy takes the camper away,,lu davy