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Friday, April 25, 2014

A Special Day for a Special Guy

Today is David’s birthday.  He spent the day running errands, which is typical for him.  He doesn’t want anyone to make a fuss.

But I find myself wanting to share some things about my David that you  may not know.

David is a good man, but if you know him, you already know that.

He is a born handy man.  He knows practically everything there is to know about motors, large or small.  He knows how to unclog your drain, fix your washer and finish up with tightening up the screws on your license plate as he leaves.

When I was in the hospital several years ago, I was very hot, so the aide brought in a pedestal fan that had seen better days.  It looked like I felt, which was pretty rough.

David got his knife out, tightened this and that, tore apart something or another, then put it all back, plugged it in, and it worked like a brand new fan.  We had occasion to be in that same room a couple of weeks later, and the fan was still in the corner, working perfectly.

David, being the gentleman that he is, did not charge the hospital for his services.

But the hospital is not the only one that has been blessed by David’s skills.  Ask just about anyone who knows him, and they will tell you something he has done for them.  It might be that he just listened and sympathized with you; or he flipped one switch and fixed your air conditioner.
Many times his very presence cures the problem.  A neighbor will ask him to look at his lawn mower because he can’t get it started.  David will briefly look at it without touching anything, crank it, and it purrs like a contented kitten.  “How did you do that?” the neighbor will ask.  David will smile and say, “I can’t give away all my secrets!”

And speaking of lawn mowers, David loves his zero turn mower and he loves to mow lawns with it.  Sometimes he gets on a tear and mows 5 or 6 yards on our street. 

Before he was disabled, he had a small business called “Honey Do,” because he did those small jobs usually found on a Honey Do List.  Sometimes he would do a very small job for someone and wouldn’t charge them for it.  Of course, his customer would always insist on knowing how much they owed him.  He would say, “Just give what you think the job is worth to the youth group at your church.”  Of course, we don’t know how many people followed up on that, but I’d bet there are at least a few youth groups who benefited from David’s generosity.

I could tell you more, but he’s probably not going to like little bit that I’ve told you already.

Too bad, David.  Your first mistake was falling in love with me.  


  1. Happy birthday David!
    A sweet tribute!

  2. A beautiful tribute to a special guy! Happy birthday, David, you lucky man.
    Love your new page, Carol!