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Friday, February 14, 2014

What’s The Deal With The Luge?

Have you seen the luge competition that’s part of the Winter Olympics?  Words almost fail me.  Almost.

People get on a sled and go shooting down a frozen water slide at over 80 miles an hour, trying to be the fastest one to live through it all the way to the end.  Do you remember the Log Flume ride at 6 Flags Over Georgia?  Picture that with ice all over it.
These people are crazy.  For one thing, they’re not looking where they’re going.  How many times do we have to tell our children to watch where they’re going because something has caught their attention off to the side?  We warn them because if we don’t, they’ll wham right into a wall or a piece of furniture that’s taller than they are.

Apparently, these crazy people had no such guidance as children. 
The first time I saw this competition, there was one woman on her back on a sled with no braking system, feet facing the finish line that was 100 miles away.  The commentator helpfully explained that each competitor could, in fact, see where she’s going and would steer the sled with her shoulders, legs and feet.  You notice he left out her brain.  That’s because it froze years ago while zooming down a frozen water slide.

The slide is a scary thing.  It banks up several times, and apparently it’s bad news if you don’t bank with it.  I’m just hoping their medical insurance is paid up.  They are cruisin’ for a bruisin’ for shure and for certain.
About the time I got used to these crazy ladies, I happened upon another luge competition where two men were on the sled. 

Now, let me give you an accurate picture here.  The first guy was on his back on the sled.  Then the second guy laid on his back on top of the first guy.  Our helpful commentator said that both men steer the sled. 
I don’t know.  Don’t ask me.

I admire all the Olympic athletes for their incredible accomplishments.  And they are all using their God-given talents to the max.  But the luge has got to be one of the weirdest things I have ever seen. 
Well, except that time when David rode a zip line over a lake, let go, and then complained that he thought he had broken his back when he hit the water.  He was serious, but I was skeptical.  He had to walk a good distance just to get to me so that he could complain that he had broken said back.

At least there was no ice on the zip line…


  1. Love it Carol! And you're absolutely right. I haven't been watching the Olympics this year, but I've seen them in previous years. Amazing talent! And amazing article!

  2. I remember riding that same zip line. ROFL!!! Good write. Keep it up. Mad Falcon

    1. That was a good day at Stone Mountain. They don't even have that beach anymore :(