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Friday, January 31, 2014

What's the Deal With Facebook

I like Facebook.  You might say I’m a little hooked on it.  Okay, maybe a lot hooked on it. 

I know, I know..  There’s all kinds of bad things about Facebook.  But you’ll have to admit that there are some good things, too.
You can check in with real friends, new friends that you’ve never met and probably never will, family that you haven’t seen or heard from in years, folks you went to school with, folks you’ve worked with, the people from the bank you used to use, friends from church, elected officials who don’t know you from Adam, authors of books you read, your dentist, your doctor(s), restaurants, somebody else’s relatives, local TV personalities, news stations, favorite TV programs, and weather info.

And while you’re checking in, you can send messages of encouragement to those who need it.  You can refuse to share or even comment on stuff that does not glorify God.  In other words, you can act like a Christian.
There are pictures that you get to see of people you haven’t seen in years.  They sure do look my age.  I mean their age…

You can proudly post pictures of grandchildren and/or pets. 
Appeals for lost pets pop up a lot.  Always sad. 

Facebook is perfect for me in that I get to see what everybody else is doing.  The polite term is “checking in.”  The real term is “being nosy.”
And I am nosy.  I don’t particularly like the shared pages that have pictures with saccharin-sweet clich├ęs and warnings about my future if I don’t share a certain something on my timeline.

And why are the videos people insist upon sharing immediately starting to play before I even decide if I want to see them in action?
And then there’s the games -- Farm Heroes Saga, Candy Crush, Farmville, Criminal Case.  I’m always getting asked to join games or see an announcement that somebody needs something in their game.  I love games.  I’m just not going to play any that involve Facebook so I’m not bothering other people with those same announcements. 

And the “Sorting” drives me nuts.  Why do I have to reset the thing to “Most Recent” several times a week?  Facebook always chooses “Top Stories.”  I want to know how it decides that it’s a top story that I, on my page, want to see instead of the most recent things that are much more relevant to my life.
Whatever that’s called that runs on the side of the page – well, I hate it.  Those mini-status updates keep moving up and down but don’t really gather new material.  If you’re going to have it move, at least let it pick up something I haven’t seen before. 

And while I’m complaining, let’s mention the ads.  Where are they getting their info on which ads to put on my page?  One said “Scary Alzheimer’s Symptoms.”  Gee, thanks.  Others extol the value of retirement investments and hearing aids.
A friend (real friend) objected to which status reports Facebook was selecting for her to see since it doesn’t seem to be a reflection of her “close” friends.

Yeah, Facebook.  Explain that one!
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