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Friday, November 29, 2013

What's the Deal With TV Commercials?

I am not a fan of most commercials.  Some are really good, like the camel who is elated that it’s Wednesday, and the old Christmas standby of Santa Claus and the walking, talking M&M’s discovering each other exists.

However, you can keep the commercials for drugs that I will never need in my lifetime. 
For example, if a drug was on the market for gall bladder problems, I would not be interested because I do not have a gall bladder.  Under no circumstances would I need this medication.  You get my drift…

I understand that baby boomers are big business and therefore some of these drugs are targeted for us.  Those ads with the guys doing manly things like working on cars, sailing, playing guitar in a rock band, driving pickups, motorcycles and fast cars are some of the worst.  When they finally get around to describing the actual product, about all they say are the terrible things that can happen if their drug is taken.
Really.  Do I have to listen to all of that?  I grant you that out of all the drug commercials I’ve seen, I might be eligible to take one of them.  So if I end up taking that medication, shouldn’t my doctor be telling me what the side effects are?  Why do I have to listen to a roll call of what might occur? 

And besides that, what business does the average person have making decisions that require a medical degree?  Just listing a few symptoms doesn’t take the place of an education, experience, or knowing my medical history.
And the car ads!?!  I will never, ever buy a car from anyone who pumps up the volume and screams at me about their low prices.  I hate having to adjust the volume or just mute the thing. 

I am aware that some TV’s have a feature that will keep the volume down.  My TV has it, but it won’t do it. Don’t know why, just won’t.
Some ads are just plain boring. Take a local cable company, for instance.  Their commercials for businesses are snoozers every time.

Ads I love:  The Boston Guys who have various experiences with Dish Network’s Kangaroo services.
                Maxwell, the spokespig for Geico

                Liberty Mutual’s take on humans and their adventures.  My favorite is when a car with bicycles strapped to the top of it pulls into a garage.  I’m sure I’d do the same – maybe that’s why it cracks me up.

Ads I don’t love: Hardee’s – we used to call that soft porn, something you’d never see on TV at any hour of the day.
                        Victoria’s Secret – see above.

Well, now you know how I feel about TV commercials.  There are a lot more I could have listed because I have genuine complaints all over the place.
But let me leave you with these last questions:

If the man and the woman are supposed to be getting chummy, why are they in separate bathtubs?  Shouldn’t they be together someplace having a romantic evening?  Just sayin…



  1. I like the pig in a blanket. love it lu davy

  2. Amen, sister! Especially the Hardee's one (that's A. j McCarron's girlfriend, BTW, for non-Bama fans), but the guys probably love it. Just saying....