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Friday, October 4, 2013

As Time Goes By

I was a nervous wreck from the start. 

Order a wedding dress on the internet?  What happens if it’s not at all like you think it’s going to be?  How are you going to have time to buy another one?
Order fresh flowers on the internet?  What happens if they are wilted when they get here?  How are you going to find that many flowers in a short amount of time?

Have an outdoor wedding in October in North Alabama?  Are you kidding?  The weather could be anything from hotter than blue blazes to snow flurries.
“Oh, Mom, it will all work out,” my daughter said.

But what if it didn’t?
Alice refused to be swayed by her mother’s gloomy predictions.  She had everything planned out just the way she pictured it.

The wedding was to be held on the front steps of a local old antebellum style house.  Instead of a maid of honor, she asked her brother to be “brother of honor.”  She bought red shoes to wear with her wedding gown. 
First, her brother, the preacher and the groom, Daniel, would take their places on the porch, facing the lawn.  Then, David and I would walk down the brick pathway to the porch and turn around so that we could all watch Alice walk toward her wonderfully bright future.

It was getting to that point that nearly did me in.
Alice told me what time to be at the wedding site.  I was there on time, ready to help her get dressed.  She was not there.  And not there.  And not there.  The photographer arrived, but no Alice. 

I called her.  “Alice!” I said.  “Where are you?”
“Oh, I’m in Guntersville.  I had to pick up the tuxes because Daniel couldn’t because…..”

“Alice, you’re ten miles away!  The photographer is here!  The guests will be here soon!  Get up here!”
“Well, gee, I mean, okay,” she said meekly.

Fifteen minutes later, she finally arrived.  As she opened the door, she said, “You yelled at me!”  Her lower lip poked out and she looked truly hurt.
“I did not yell at you.  I was concerned because I didn’t know where you were and it was getting late.”   

“You never yell at me,” she said, which was true.
“I’m sorry.  I’m a nervous wreck.  How are we going to get you dressed and get the pictures taken before time to start the ceremony?”

“Oh, Mom, it will all work out,” my daughter said.
And she was right.  She was radiant in her beautiful internet wedding gown.  It was a lovely service, the weather was absolutely perfect, the flowers were gorgeous (not a wilted one among them).
So happy 10th anniversary, Alice and Daniel.  I love and admire you both.


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