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Friday, September 13, 2013

What's Your Sign?

If I was into signs and omens, I might have backed out of my own wedding. I think you’ll agree:

1. For one thing, the air-conditioner went out in the Fellowship Hall where the reception was going to be held. My wedding date was June 12, and in Alabama it was already pretty hot. The sanctuary was fine because it was on another a/c unit, but the fellowship hall was hot and stuffy. I was so afraid my Mr. Donut wedding cake would start to melt! (Mr. Donut went out of business shortly thereafter, and I’ve always wondered if my cake had anything to do with that.)

2. And then, maybe the strongest sign yet was that the florist sent a big cross with flowers all over it instead of the large nosegay I had ordered.

I was beside myself. That cross looked like it belonged in a funeral parlor. I was not going to carry that thing down the aisle! It was quickly fixed by a phone call to the florist. Thank God (and I mean that literally).

3. At some point during the wedding ceremony, David and I kneeled. I always swayed a bit when my eyes were closed, and I was so nervous that day, my swaying was a little more than usual. I didn’t realize I was moving, but David did and he thought he was crooked and I was trying to straighten him up! We both nearly went over. Thank God (again) that the congregation also had their eyes closed so they didn’t see us suddenly jerk to an upright position.

4. My veil was kinda stuck to the lace on the back of my wedding gown, so I couldn’t move my head very far. The headpiece was barely attached to my head. No matter how many bobby pins we had put in the thing, it still wouldn’t stay put. So I was afraid to move much anyway.
5. On my wedding day, one of Mom’s toilets got stopped up, so we only had 1 bathroom for 8 people!

6. My future mother-in-law had a terrible migraine that day.

Although all of the above could put a damper on anyone’s wedding, at the end of the ceremony, we were married and that’s all that counted anyway.

What’s your wedding catastrophe story?



  1. I've been married for 23 years. If there were any catastrophes that day, nobody has mentioned them to me. lol. Looking back, me and my mom have discussed how awesome the weather was that day - Saturday, April 14, 1990 - the day after Friday the 13th mind you. April is always such a rainy month and you never now if it wil be hot or cold. Perfect weather for an outdoor wedding. Good thing too - we had no plan B!

  2. I wouldn't have the nerve to have an outdoor wedding -- too many things could go wrong! But my daughter insisted on one and everything was perfect. Glad yours went well, too.