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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dear God

Dear God,

You are magnificent, You are wonderful, You are everywhere I look and everywhere unseen by human eyes.

The birds each have their own song, each have their own colors and patterns.  You thought of each one in just a certain way and You spoke them into being.  Lord, our world would be so empty without them.  Thank you for letting us enjoy them.  You made them pretty just for us because no other living thing has the capacity to enjoy beauty and wonder.

How did You do it, Lord?  How did You think of every little bitty detail?  Our scientists think they have figured out Your creations, but they have not.  No one can see inside a bird or a rabbit and know what they are feeling or thinking.  I know that animals do things by instinct, but You are the One who gave it to them.

Thank You for my world, Dear Lord.  Thank You for my house, my yard, the birds that come to our feeders.  Please continue to bless us, because apart from You, we are nothing. 

                                    In Christ's name, Amen.

Photo by Cindy West McGregor

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