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Beg as loud as you can for good common sense. Proverbs 2:3

Thursday, December 29, 2011

My First Post

Hello.  This blog is intended to help discipline me to write and share.  I want to be a women's Christian speaker/writer when I grow up, so I'd better get started.  I named this blog Miscellaneous Ramblings because I don't want to get tied into any one thing.  So here goes!

I recently worked my last day at the Circuit Clerk's office.  My official retirement date is 2/1/12, but I'm using up my leave by taking the time off instead of getting paid for it.  It seems so weird to me that I am not working.  It's only been a week but it seems lots longer.  I have many plans, some realistic and some not so much, but I'm determined to make this retirement a good one, one that will glorify God.  I had a ministry at my job by helping folks understand my little divisions of the court system.  I especially felt led by the Holy Spirit when an elderly person was involved (no, not me -- somebody even more elderly than me).  I have a heart for the elderly.  My dad passed away 6 months ago at the age of 100.  My mother just turned 90.  Her mother lived to be 101.  So I may be here a good while longer.

I'm hoping to have some followers of this blog, so please follow me!  It would be a great encouragement to know folks were actually reading this stuff.  Leaving a comment would be good, too.  Thanks.


  1. You rascal! You sneaked this in on me! Now I'm following you, so the pressure is on to write something.
    Go ahead. Amuse and enlighten me. :)

  2. I am enjoying what you have written. May God Bless you as you share your heart and love for him.


  3. Thanks, Lynn. I appreciate the encouragement!